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We Must Own - Intensive Ownership Prep Course

In this course you will master the fundamentals of Real Estate Investing with over 25 training videos on various topics including the industry, market, acquisition, evaluation, financing, closing, renovation, leasing, selling, and management of your investment.

  • Learn the Importance and the empowerment that comes with ownership in real estate
  • Learn about the various investment strategies, both active and passive, direct and indirect, and review asset categories and choose the most ideal for you
  • Learn how to build a team and establish a company and partner with other investors or companies
  • Learn how to finance your deals, position yourself or your company to be approved for bank financing, and learn how to raise capital for real estate
  • Learn how to generate income on investments and how to manage property long-term
  • Learn about tax benefits and strategies of real estate investors.
  • Receive a step-by-step plan for real estate investing that you can use to execute your 1st deal and then use repeatedly over and over again.
  • Expand your knowledge about the power of ownership as well as investing.

DISCLAIMER:  Please be advised that the author is offering this course and its contents for educational purposes only and the information contained herein is NOT to be construed as legal, financial, tax or other pertinent advice for making a particular investment decision. The information and data contained herein this course is provided to the reader as a general guideline only to assist them in gaining knowledge in their personal pursuit of evaluating and participating in potential real estate investment.  All of the content provided herein, including but not limited to general and specific formulas, charts, data, diagrams, graphs, graphics, principles, theories, recommendations, materials, samples, examples, and other information is for illustrative purposes only and NOT to be relied upon by the reader in making a prospective investment.  Each prospective opportunity will have its own unique set of factors and circumstances to evaluate and take into consideration, and the author specifically offers no warranty or assurance on the reliability of the information contained herein for any one instance.   The author highly recommends that each prospective investor seek their own independent legal, financial or tax matters advisor prior to making any major investment. You will not be asked to participate in an investment or project, nor will you be required to spend money to be a part of an investment club or group. This course is an educational product only and is NOT affiliated with any other company, investment group, deal, or investment opportunity that you may receive or view on this platform or publicly by other members, students, affiliate marketers, real estate professionals or otherwise, whether they use our name, likeness, or not. Invest cautiously and invest at your own risk.