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Enroll in the Intensive Ownership Course that will prepare you for your real estate investment, development, or management project. This course is great for beginners and 1st time investors seeking guidance on the process to successfully own real estate.

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We Must Own is a step-by-step manual for real estate investing. Whether it's your first deal or 20th, this book equips you with tools for your journey and the motivation to get started!

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Ferrell Fellows is the CEO and Founder of Comma Club. Ferrell is a Real Estate Broker, Investor, Developer, Deal Sponsor and Coach who has taught business accounting, financial literacy and real estate courses for over 15 years. Learn from an expert who has coached novices to step out with confidence and begin their wealth building journey! Ferrell is also passionate about speaking publicly and hosting work shops on the topics of ownership & community building.

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Anyone Can Learn to Invest

Learn to invest at any age, income, or education level. No experience is required and you don't need a college degree or HS diploma. Regardless of your background, we will teach you proven methods to access the real estate markets. Our virtual courses allow you to learn at your own pace anytime, anywhere.  

Tools to Earn Residual Income

You don't need to be a full-time investor, in fact our trainings teach people from all walks of life the basics of investing to build an extra stream of income outside of their day job. Sign up for our beginner investor course and you will learn about the real estate industry, investment strategies and processes to acquire properties that generate residual income - quickly! 

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If the concept of investing in real estate excites you, join our online community and gain access to an information exchange with the latest and most effective wealth building resources with support from industry experts.


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