We MUST Own!

We Must Own is a manual for real estate investing written to empower, educate, and inspire everyday people to build wealth through property ownership. Though market secrets have historically been reserved for the elite few, We Must Own provides the fundamental tools for anyone to learn to invest and build wealth through real estate, no matter their age, race, gender, income level, or background. If you have had an interest in real estate, but simply didn't know where to start, how to start, where to get the money to start, or simply lacked knowledge about the industry and the process, then this is the book for you. This manual takes highly technical information and teaches it at a beginner level making real estate investing accessible, practical, and simple to understand. We Must Own is a book that is empowering first-time property owners with the tools they need to successfully invest in real estate! 

We Must Own Real Estate Prep Course

You can now enroll in the new Investor Course & learn the fundamentals of real estate investing. Learn to acquire real estate to build residual income quickly & increase your net worth. This course will review industry knowledge, investment strategies and take you through a process of identifying, evaluating, and closing on properties. This course will also show you how to generate income quickly!

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In this book I will show you how:

  • I've purchased a property almost every month and built a portfolio of property that will become a legacy for my children.
  • I've raised millions of dollars in capital as a minority, woman developer where women of color represent only 1% of the industry.
  • I built a team of construction, accounting, architecture, tax, and property management to scale my business.
  • I aggregated land and brokered an entire city block of off-market properties for a large-scale development.
  • I've helped 1st-generation investors to pool capital to buy commercial property.
  • I helped countless individuals and families start real estate investment and development companies using their inheritance or existing land value.
  • I've consulted for several development companies & land trusts to have a positive impact in my community.
  • I've obtained opportunity fund grants and 1% interest rate loans.



How to build generation wealth through real estate investing.

How to structure a real estate company and build your team for success.

How to form partnerships, raise capital, or finance your deals.

Get your We Must Own Book and begin your journey to becoming a real estate investor for as little as $29.99

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